Monday, December 29, 2008

An Unwieldy Talent

Back in April, when reports circulated that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was pursuing a trade with the Tennessee Titans for Adam "Pacman" Jones, I wrote the following:

The Oracle is betting that ... Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who had developed an obsessive interest in trading for his precious, Pacman, will eventually find him uncontrollable, both on and off the field, and regret making this deal.

After a summer during which the Cowboys endlessly paraded the notion that their state of the art counselling and player support program would successfully reform the recidivist cornerback, he proceeded to be suspended for 6 games for an incident that included attacking in a hotel lobby bathroom the security guard who had been assigned the task of keeping him out of trouble. Then, in yesterday's season ending loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, at a point at which the game was still in reach, he helped the Eagles to 10 end of the half points by committing a 15 yard personal foul penalty and then, after the Eagles proceeded to score, fumbling the ensuing kickoff with only five seconds left in the half.

It is unknown whether Jerry Jones has booked a trip to the fires of Mordor to rid himself of his precious.


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