Tuesday, February 12, 2008


For those scoring at home (as well as those who are alone), Sharon Cobb has compiled a list of Democratic Party superdelegates who have committed to one candidate or another. Ms. Cobb laments that these party regulars could ultimately decide the nomination against the wishes of the Party's grassroots.

Ms. Cobb, an Obama enthusiast from the early days of talk of his candidacy, need not fear. Historically, these delegates have tended to be considered notoriously soft in their commitments, and many of them will likely be more than willing to jump ship to get on the right side of history. That partly explains the desperate measures taken of late by Sen. Clinton to right her campaign. She seems to understand that if she is not winning going into the convention based on the primaries and caucuses, that her superdelegates will peel away and seal the deal for Sen. Obama.

Thus, while various media outlets are currently counting these, to Sen. Clinton's advantage, in their delegate tabulations, one can be sure that these are not solidly in the Clinton ledger.


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