Monday, February 11, 2008

Dandy Don Is Singing on the Race for the Democratic Nomination

Although most major news organizations are continuing to talk about the battle between Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama as though it may go all of the way to the convention, barring some major event, Sen. Obama will be the nominee. And, Sen. Clinton knows this.

This weekend's firing of her national campaign manager was only the most recent indication of a campaign desperate to regain traction. Last week, Sen. Clinton, resorting to a tactic only used by underdogs, insisted that Sen. Obama debate her four times over the next four weeks. Earlier, she showed her concern by breaking a promise and party rules by campaigning in Florida and Michigan and demanding that the party retrospectively change its earlier ruling disqualifying delegates from those primaries.

While the delegate count remains nearly even -- depending on which count one accepts -- both the momentum and the upcoming primaries favor Sen. Obama. Barring some enormous event detrminental to his candidacy, he will be the Democratic nominee. You can take it to the bank.


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