Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

I should have known better than to change my mind.

Before the start of this season, The Oracle thought that the Titans had addressed some of their most desperate needs (linebacker, safety, wide receiver) and had a chance to be a .500 team. However, just prior to the ides of October, I opined, though not via my blog, that The Titans might only beat Houston, if that, this year. Did anyone imagine that they would win 5 of 7?

Did anyone think that Bironas would hit a 60 yarder? I didn't. I was out of town, so I was not at yesterday's game. I wish I had been there.

Meanwhile, does anyone remember those commercials featuring a certain pompous Indianapolis quarterback suggesting that one might wish to switch channels to another game if the Titans/Colts game was a blowout? Heh. It couldn't have happened to a better guy.

The only downer: my fantasy team was terrible this weekend, which was bad fortune since all of my matchups looked really good. This is most dismaying. My fantasy football team is my only remaining connection to a now completely defunct relationship, and I would really like to use it as my one and only appropriate way to kick her annoyingly cute backside. I am losing at the moment, and I find that really irritating.

Go Titans.


Blogger John H said...

sorry about the fantasy numbers..I do hope you can finish in front of at least ONE specific PERSON.

I do want to say thanks for reminding me of that stupid commercial. There is a little karma there. I love it when things are going wrong for Peyton and he gets that face.


1:24 PM  

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