Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Airline fees

Airline analysts, serving the interests of the industry, maintain that baggage fees are the only thing that helped airlines make a profit last year. However, I would note that the only airline that is consistently profitable, Southwest, does not charge the fees. Airlines make a mistake by ignoring the customer loss due to anger over the extra fees -- or by assuming that such anger has dissipated over time.

That is why I fly Southwest whenever it makes sense -- even if it means having to make a connection. AA and USAir lose my business because of their fees -- and I fly 3-4 times a month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fees the airlines pay to the credit card companies total hundreds of millions per year .. and as explained in this video the airlines could actually be re-direct the credit card fees back to the passengers ... if they wanted to...

8:10 AM  

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