Sunday, November 01, 2009

A-Rod Just Threw His Pitcher under the Bus

Neither Joe Buck nor Tim McCarver pointed it out, but Alex Rodriguez effectively tossed his pitcher under the bus by his extended, self-serving stare toward his dugout after being hit by a pitch in the first inning tonight.

It is difficult to interpret Mr. Rodriguez' actions as anything other than a call for his pitcher to protect him by responding in kind to a Phillies hitter. The action necessitated what followed -- the home plate umpire warning both benches that any retaliation would result in an ejection. However, that warning makes it more difficult for Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia to pitch inside, which, as Messrs. Buck and McCarver pointed out, is essential to his game plan. It is arguable that the umpires would not have issued the warning if Mr. Rodriguez had simply taken his base.

That is the sort of action that explains why, notwithstanding his tremendous talent, A-Rod is not a player that is necessarily popular with his teammates.


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