Saturday, July 18, 2009

NGA "Gospel Brunch"

Biloxi, Mississippi -- Evangelical Christians tend to get excited over the civil embrace of religion. Today's promotion of a "gospel brunch" Sunday morning at the meeting of the National Governors Association provided a reminder as to why they should reconsider.

Encouraging attendance at the event, Mississippi governor and NGA host Haley Barber declared, "Tomorrow there's going to be a gospel brunch -- and I don't care what religion you are: it's going to be fun."

Governor Barber perhaps has not reflected to consider that a religion that's fun for everybody might not mean much to anybody. This is not meant as criticism of the governor per se, who is expressing thoughts very similar to those stated a half century ago by President Eisenhower and that have been a part of America's religious fabric going all of the way back to the founding. However, that active Christians find encouragement in these minimalistic expressions of faith is sad, actually.


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