Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Bother with South Dallas?

Discussing a well-researched and written feature article that appeared in last Sunday's Dallas Morning News (my comments on the article are here), an editorial in that same newspaper today argues, "For the sake of southern Dallas, the Inland Port saga should be required reading in business schools, in community leadership forums and among anyone contemplating new ventures there. Going forward, white-dominated companies must keep foremost in mind the unique history of southern Dallas."

One supposes that to be true, but the editorial fails to ask why anyone would bother. When a developer has billions of dollars to invest in a project that could create 50,000 or more jobs, there are other communities that would welcome that investor with open arms. Why deal with the mess promised by the incessantly race based politics of south Dallas' self-aggrandizing political leadership?

Don't misunderstand. South Dallas desperately needs this type of investment, and this blogger wishes the region the best. However, some claiming to represent the area are engaging in practices that benefit themselves at the expense of the region.


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