Monday, March 09, 2009

Writing for the Phone Booth Party

The Oracle notes this day that the same conservative writer who wrote a couple of years ago accusing conservatives such as Robert Novak of being "anti-American," (he opposed the Iraq War), is now doing the cover story for Newsweek talking about how bad Rush Limbaugh is for the Republican Party.

I am not here to advocate for Limbaugh (especially given that this is a sideshow being promoted courtesy of Rahm Emmanuel), as I understand both his strengths and weaknesses as a populist and a conservative, but really: before David Frum speaks of someone else as the wrong messenger, perhaps he should look at his own increasingly narrow visage in the mirror.


Blogger Lanette said...

David Frum does not speak nor write for us or our illustrious political party.

2:08 PM  
Blogger MCO said...

Same insult; different party.

4:05 PM  

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