Friday, February 13, 2009

Selig Shamed the Game

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud "Light" Selig, who seemingly has no shame, said yesterday that New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez "shamed the game" by his use of steroids.

There is certainly no argument here in favor of A-Rod, but the comments are galling coming from Bud Light, who only has a job because he, a former team owner himself, is a patsy for the owners. For those who may have forgotten, Bud Lite presided over the steroid era, joining his colleagues as willing participants who ignored the obvious evidence of steroid usage because they wanted players to hit more home runs. The increased number of home runs that led to the race by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa to break Roger Maris' record for home runs in a single season helped to restore baseball's popularity after the devastating 1994 strike.

Thus, Mr. Selig can point fingers, but the Sultan of Shame is in the Commissioner's office.


Anonymous John Hutcheson said...

amen, amen, amen. Bud is still a used car salesman of sleaze disguised as a commissioner.

He profited from the steroid era and now he is worried about the shame?

I have little regard for A-Rod, but to fine him and not release the 103 names on the lists and fine them, seems preposterous to me.

12:54 PM  

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