Monday, February 23, 2009

The Other Prodigal

Marvin Olasky notes that a parable of Jesus has been misnamed that of "The Prodigal Son." Actually, he points out, there are two prodigals, the immature one who goes his own way, and the elder one, who is obedient, but prideful, arrogant, and without joy. Mr. Olasky notes that neither really understands the Father.

He writes that Christians should imagine themeselves in the role of a third brother, and that doing so would reshape the way believers involve themselves in social and political issues:

Third brother politics is also different. The Founders fought for both liberty and virtue: Elder brothers tend to forget the former, younger brothers the latter. Third brothers know that we can never have enough laws to banish sin. They tell the truth but do not rant at abortionists and gay rights activists. They control their tongues and lungs not because killing babies and killing marriage is right, but because their goal is to change hearts.

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