Monday, February 16, 2009

As Long as Everyone Else Is Doing It....

The 5 Most Significant Presidents

1. George Washington -- the pace setter of them all.
2. Abraham Lincoln -- saved the Union
3. Thomas Jefferson -- for the Louisiana Purchase; otherwise, an undistinguished presidency
4. Ronald Reagan -- slowed, at least for a time, the regulatory state; defeated the Soviet Union.
5. Franklin Roosevelt -- fundamentally altered our form of government.

Honorable Mention

1. Woodrow Wilson
2. Theodore Roosevelt
3. Andrew Jackson
4. Calvin Coolidge
5. Dwight Eisenhower

The 5 Least Effective Presidents

1. James Buchanan -- fiddled while the union dissolved.
2. Richard Nixon -- accomplished a lot, but Watergate is his enduring legacy.
3. Andrew Johnson -- the task of following Lincoln and re-uniting the country was possibly beyond anyone. It was certainly beyond him.
4. Herbert Hoover -- constant tinkering lengthened Depression; signing the Smoot Hawley Tariff deepened it.
5. Jimmy Carter -- Iran and Aghganistan abroad; stagflation at home.

Dishonorable mention

1. Lyndon Baines Johnson
2. George W. Bush
3. William Henry Harrison
4. Ulysses S. Grant
5. Millard Fillmore


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