Saturday, February 28, 2009

American Tea Party Revolution

It's a new American Revolution and a peaceful one. Across America and in 100 cities Americans gathered to protest and hold rallies against the spending bills that will bankrupt this country and against big government that has the potential of controlling our lives through the control of many of our industries. The sponsoring group is called The American Tea Party, and they are adamant about keeping Uncle Sam out of their wallets.

I attended the event in Fort Worth. As I drove up to the Cow Town Bar, I was greeted with eager protesters holding anti-spending bill and anti-Obama signs. Two such protesters were on mechanical pigs sporting signs that read "No Pork". The pink pig was named Princess Pelosi. Behind the bar, in the back parking lot a band playing 70's and Southern rock were entertaining a crowd whose ages suggested they remembered another era of liberal protesters. While the band played, petitions were being signed in opposition of the most recently proposed spending bill.

After awhile the band took a break, and the real reason for my visit had started. Speeches to work the crowd and inform the people were being made. The first of such was made by a patent attorney, Ken Emanuelson, who spoke on fiscal responsibility and the lack of such by our politicians. While he spoke, a man standing at the door of the bar asked which party is responsible for our deficit. Many, myself included, turned to him and yelled, "Both!" Apparently, he was not prepared for that answer, for he went on to speak on how much more deficit spending President Bush had done in his 8 years in office than that of Obama's administration. I wonder if he knew that President Obama has only been in office for less than two months. His facts had angered many in the crowd including one who was fast approaching him. Mr. Emanuleson reiterated that the problem lies with both parties, but that his motive is not to look for blame but to put Conservatives into office to find true solutions to the economic crisis. He politely urged the interrupter to leave, which he did without anything more than words being thrown out.

Other scheduled speakers followed, including a Vietnam veteran speaking about the healthcare, or lack of, he receives through the VA. Talking about his experiences, he made a very compelling argument against nationalized healthcare, which promises to look quite similar to that of the VA healthcare.

Overall, it was a very good rally, and I was encouraged by the approximate 400 person turn-out. I hope this is the start to a grass-roots movement that will light a fire in the hearts of Americans who believe in personal responibility and inidividualism.


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