Thursday, January 22, 2009

Running up the Score

Dallas Academy is a private school that serves students with "learning differences" such as dyslexia. They only have about 20 girls in their high school, so it is somewhat surprising that they are even able to field a girls varsity basketball team. They have a team, but it means having to play with some girls that do not have much basketball playing experience. They have not won a game in four years.

Last week, a much superior Covenant School team chose to keep their defensive pressure on throughout a game which they ultimately won by the score of 100-0.

Covenant basketball coach Micah Grimes, who presumably has something to say about the team's offensive and defensive strategy, is quoted in the Dallas Morning News as describing the outcome of the game as something "unfortunate" that "just happened."

No, coach, "unfortunate" would be the wrong word. Try "classless."

Update. According to an article today at the Dallas Morning News website, Coach Grimes has sent an email to the team stating that he disagrees with his school's apology over the incident. This one is simple. If Mr. Grimes, upon calm reflection, is incapable of understanding the difference between playing hard to win and humiliating an inferior opponent, then he is not morally or mentally suited for his position and should be dismissed immediately.

Lest anyone just think I am soft, I will point out the fact that I once took the unpopular position that a Little League coach was right to walk a good hitter in order to pitch instead to a handicapped child, who subsequently struck out to end the game. These are distinctions with a difference. It is right to teach kids to play hard and smart to win. It is not right to intentionally humiliate an opponent in the way that Micah Grimes did.


Blogger Lanette said...

Another update: According to the local Fox news station, Micah Grimes has been fired.

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