Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Medicalizing Normal

Providing a new resource for drumming up paying customers, researchers released a study claiming that one in five young adults has a personality disorder and that nearly half of all young adults have some sort of psychiatric condition, ranging from anxiety to substance abuse.

The researchers lament that nearly half the population isn't rushing in for treatment. However, while psychiatric illness is a serious matter, one might be forgiven for being skeptical of a study that claims that half of the population requires psychological assistance in order to cope with life.

The Oracle is not a young adult, so he was not part of the study. However, readers need not worry about him having a personality disorder, since he lacks a personality.

However, referring to one's self in the third person might indicate some sort of issue.


Blogger Lanette said...

Over-indulged young adults who lack the tools to cope with the stresses of life do not have a psychological disorder. They have a product-of-bad-parenting-disorder.

8:06 AM  

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