Monday, December 01, 2008

Abstaining from Everything

According to this AP report, Chicago residents Melody LaLuz and Claudaniel Fabien, age 28 and 30, respectively, did not share their first kiss until they locked lips for 2 minutes at their wedding. The report does not state how long they dated.

The report reminds me of a story told by the late Adrian Rogers when he was pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis.

Rev. Rogers said during a sermon that he never kissed his wife before they were married.

He paused before deadpanning: "Of course, she wasn't my wife until we got married.


Blogger Lanette said...

I love innocence! Abstaining from kissing is extreme, but I certainly cannot chastise anyone for doing what is moral. Let's hope they don't see too much of the Bahamas, though. ;)

11:42 AM  

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