Friday, November 28, 2008

Reality on health Care Reform

Health care coverage expert and blogger Joe Paduda, who has spent the entire election campaign beating the drum for Barack Obama and longer than that calling for an overhaul of our health care system (Mr. Paduda ultimately favors a single payer system), makes clear that reality must be faced before that reform happens:

None of the health care reform initiatives presently before Congress (except for the Wyden-Bennett bill), nor President-elect Obama's health reform platform address costs.

Folks, wake up! We cannot afford to cover 50 million more Americans unless and until we do something meaningful about costs!

Once people get insurance, they tend to use it.

Mr. Paduda is correct when he goes on to say that any measure designed to address costs would be DOA in Washington. However, I would add that it is reckless to have gone this far in promising reform without arguing for a meaningful program that would work in the real world.

Update. Mr. Paduda clarifies via the comment below that he does not ultimately favor a single payer system. I apologize for the error.


Anonymous Paduda said...

Scott - a bit of a correction - I'm not ultimately in or of a single payer system. I believe a mix of public and private options is the best solution, altho private insurers' continued ability to shoot themselves in the head may make it difficult for them to continue as a serious option.

Joe Paduda

10:51 AM  

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