Friday, November 28, 2008

Making Mountains out of Molehills for the New Secretary of State

In the most over-hyped story of the week, the Associated Press warns of a "Washington power struggle" over who will provide security in the event that Hillary Clinton becomes the next Secretary of State. According to AP, the potential controversy between the Secret Service and the Department of State's Diplomatic Security will "create unprecedented logistical and jurisdictional hurdles that will require significant negotiations to resolve."

Really? It seems to me that all that is required is for President Obama and his Secretary of State to have a quick discussion and then announce that one of the entities is handling it and the other can focus on other things. Will egos be bruised? Sure, but somehow one supposes that they will survive. President Obama and Secretary Clinton will be called upon to deal with a possibly nuclear Iran. One would think that they can figure out Diplomatic Security.


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