Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to Take a Leak

One suspects that the majority of Americans regard leaks to the press about this or that as nothing more than favors shared amongst journalists and their friends. Actually, most leaks (both those that are accurate and those designed to deceive) are carefully generated with the intent of achieving some objective, and the experienced reader is always wise to question what agenda might be behind said disclosure of information. While those agendas are sometimes difficult to discern, understanding them frequently sheds much light on what is happening behind the scenes.

As an example, one might have noted the recent leaks regarding the potential of an offer of the Secretary of State position to Hillary Clinton. Though I considered my thoughts to be too speculative to blog about, I initially wondered if the leaks were generated by groups anxious to create pressure for her to be offered the position.

Anyway, for those interested in learning more about how to think about leaks, here is some good insight.

Hat Tip: Kleinheider


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