Saturday, November 01, 2008

Godless Trivialization of Faith

After Elizabeth Dole's (R-NC) campaign ran a controversial ad attacking her opponent for attending a fundraiser associated with the Godless Americans Political Action Committee, support for her opponent increased in the polls. Pundits are suggesting a backlash against the tone of the ad. One wonders if that backlash comes more from secularists tired of the invocation of religion in political campaigns or from Christians finally tired of the reduction of their faith to a tool for manipulation of voters. One can only hope that the latter plays at least a role.

Anyone who looks at the types of gimmickry sometimes associated with marketing Christian oriented products knows that believers are sometimes their own worst enemies (not to mention violators of the second commandment) when it comes to trivializing their faith. Even so, at some point there should be discernment that religious commitments are not being honored. They are being used.

Besides, as Martin Luther once noted, it is preferable to be governed by a competent infidel than an incompetent Christian, and whether one is godly or godless does not necessarily define suitability for public office. One aspect of Ms. Dole's ad shows a certain lack of understanding of her constituency. The ad closes by asking, "If Godless Americans threw a party in your honor, would you go?"

Well, maybe. That question actually sounds a bit like Pharisaical criticism of Jesus, who was accused of going to parties with publicans and sinners.

That is not meant to say that Christians should necessarily punish Sen. Dole by voting against her. However, Christians should protest the damage being done to our faith by the politicization of it.


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