Thursday, November 06, 2008

Brief Advice for Republicans

Just in case any are reading....

As you go about figuring out what went wrong, who should now lead, and what it was that Ronald Reagan did right that you can emulate (everyone on the right wants to talk about Mr. Reagan these days), consider this:

It will not be enough merely to be an opposition party. While the extent to which Barack Obama's policies are "socialist" or his relationships with radicals are problematic may have importance, those items are not the keys to winning again any more than focusing on Bill Clinton's liberalism or sex life caused you to win. To get back to where you presumably want to be, you must have a compelling, broad message centered around personal and economic freedom. Within that broad vision, some coherent policies on things like health care and controlling the growth of government might help. Those ideas must be expressed positively while also opposing the expansions of government likely to be proposed by President Obama.


Blogger Lanette said...

Good luck on anyone in power actually paying attention to what the true Conservatives in this country want. Many are disillusioned with the Republican party since its leaders have made it into something it should never have become. This is why some have become Independents and others have joined the Constitutionalist party.

8:35 AM  
Blogger MCO said...

I somewhat agree, except I would have said independents and the Libertarian Party. For the most part, the Constitutionalist Party is composed of a bunch of cranks and could hold their state meetings in a phone booth.

Some conservatives have made the mistake of confusing the Republican Party with the conservative cause. Conservatism needs to exist within and beyond the scope of the Republican Party. The Party is a part of the political establishment, and, as such, will always seek to become comfortable with the perks of political power. As such, conservatives will periodically need to look for ways to reinvigorate themselves within that or any other political party.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Lanette said...

I completely agree with you except...

I happen to like my phone booth. :p

Seriously, IF in the next 4 years the Republicans get their act together and go back to holding up the conservative ideals of many in this nation, then I will abandon my phone booth party in support of the Republicans.

2:13 PM  
Blogger MCO said...

You're not one of them!

5:28 PM  

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