Friday, October 10, 2008

Disconnected Punditry

Listening to talk radio and looking at conservative blogs, it is apparent that the loudest -- volume does not necessarily correlate to coherence -- voices on the right are placing great importance of the idea of the McCain campaign regaining lost ground by talking about William Ayers.

That's going to do it, huh?

Actually, it will have very little impact: here's a break down as to why.

Is a close connection with someone with Mr. Ayers past a matter of importance? Yes. However, over the last week, a great many Americans who have 401k's have lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% of their retirement nest eggs. Other news -- legitimate news, not media generated noise -- gives the picture of an economy in a period of free fall.

So, do those conservatives on the radio really believe that in the absence of any compelling policy response appealing to Americans with a vision of how this gets worked out that the McCain campaign is going to turn things around with William Ayers? Really? You really think that?

I don't. Conservative opinion leaders used to be better than this. They will have to get better again.


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