Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Unfortunate Guest

It is sad to see that those who consider themselves "Value Voters" have invited former House Majority Leader Tom Delay to their meeting this week. Rep. Delay's promotion of the so-called K-Street Project and friendship with corrupt Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff played a large role in the Republican Party's loss of majority status in Washington. Certainly, no group that invites Mr. Delay to speak can be seriously interested in reducing earmarks or reforming government. Mr. Delay as leader spent like a Democrat on steroids.

Mr. Delay has managed to stay out of prison thus far, but many of those around him have not. For anyone who has forgotten the kinds of values that Mr. Delay touted while leading the Republican Party down the drain, I would recommend The K Street Gang as a good resource.

In any event, the term "value voter" is not a particularly helpful one for a group dominated by evangelicals. First of all, everyone votes based on their "values;" different people have differing values. Second, the terminology is relativizing. Christians don't really profess to believe in the importance of values, per se; they believe in truth vs. error and right versus wrong.

The values of Mr. Delay would be largely errant and wrong.


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