Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Caring for People in General but No One in Particular Quote of the Day

"Palin is as bracing as an Arctic breeze and delightfully elicits the condescension of liberals whose enthusiasm for everyday middle-class Americans cannot survive an encounter with one."

--George Will

Speaking of Sarah Palin: while squeezed uncomfortably into a middle seat and declining to pay for a cup of a soft drink that once would have been free on a flight yesterday to the west coast, I glanced over the shoulder of the person sitting next to me and noticed that the Time magazine article she was reading explained that the Republican establishment had the same doubts about Gov. Palin's experience as Democrats have.

That should not be surprising to anyone. Those inside the Beltway have been trying to push the experience argument all year: against Barack Obama in his campaign for the Democratic nomination earlier in the year, and now against Sarah Palin. Perhaps people on both sides of the aisle in Washington should take time to figure out why most people in the rest of the country have decided they don't care:

People who are not on the inside have decided that they are not terribly impressed by the quality of experience that the political establishment has to offer. At a time when the President has an approval rating in the 30% range, and Congress has an approval rating around 20%, voting for experience means getting more of the same. A fresh face is needed.

That is why Democrats and some independents went for Sen. Obama, and why Republicans and some independents are so enthused by Gov. Palin. A fresh face is needed. What we don't need is more of the same.

That is not a welcome message inside Washington. Indeed, they should be concerned. The rest of the country is hoping that, one way or another, the Beltway is shaken up.


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