Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are Titans Throwing Young under Bus?

Fort Worth Star-Telegram sports columnist Jennifer Floyd Engel wonders, in the wake of Vince Young's poor performance and off the field personal issues, if the Tennessee Titans have taken as much care of their star as they should have:

So why did Fisher never tamp down talk of VY struggling to read coverages? If Cowboys coach Wade Phillips can repeatedly say Roy Williams is good in coverage, you’d think Fisher could throw down a defense of his quarterback.

And while the events of this week have certainly called into question whether VY has what it takes to be big-time in the NFL, the Titans have not done him any favors. They basically have slapped a big "kick me" sign on his back without a real backup plan.

That coach Jeff Fisher had to risk publicity by calling the police shows a certain level of desperate concern for his distraught quarterback. One hopes that he does well.


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