Sunday, August 03, 2008

Too Soft for a Good Shave?

Home plate umpire Mark Wegner threw New York Yankees' pitcher Edwar Ramirez out of a game Thursday after the pitcher directed a pitch toward the head of Baltimore Orioles' slugger Kevin Millar.

Mr. Millar, being a fair minded man, suggested that the umpire should not have tossed Mr. Ramirez:

"I was upset they threw him out of the game because he's really good hitting. He's a cute little fella, he didn't throw that hard and he doesn't have very good stuff....It's not a big deal. Ramirez tries his little heart out, but I love facing him. He doesn't have many out pitches."

For my readers who may not be fortunate enough to be baseball fans: pitching inside and occasionally hitting batters is an expected part of the game. Throwing at a player's head is not.


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