Monday, August 11, 2008

There's a Woman to Blame

Aides to Hillary Clinton, desperate to blame anyone other than themselves or their candidate, are now suggesting that the presence of John Edwards in the race for the Democratic nomination cost the Senator from New York the nomination. They explain that Barack Obama would not have won Iowa if not for Mr. Edwards, and that the win in the Hawkeye state is what propelled him to his ultimate victory. They darkly suggest that if the media had done its job and exposed Mr. Edwards affair at an earlier time, that they would be headed toward the White House.

Who would have ever thought that those speaking for the Clintons would claim that the media was too slow in exposing a politician's sexual misdeeds?

Nonetheless, while the claim is plausible, those making it forget this: a year ago, Sen. Clinton was widely seen as the candidate with the nomination in hand. It was hers to lose, and lose it she did. Much of the vote going to any of the other candidates was, in that context, an "anybody but Hillary vote." As such, one should not assume that the absence of Mr. Edwards would have sent voters straight to Sen. Clinton.


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