Saturday, August 23, 2008

Longer Record, Same Tune

When Joe Biden wrecked his 1988 candidacy for the presidency by plagiarizing the words of British Labor Leader Clark Kinnock, I did not really expect him to ever emerge again as a serious candidate for national office. However, the man affectionately known since that time as Senator Xerox has spent two decades creating the appearance of seriousness regarding foreign policy expertise. Given that appearances are all that the Democrats really have to offer the country at this point in time, the man and the moment have met.

Senator Biden has always combined a smooth exterior with the mentality of a pit bull, and media efforts to portray Senator Obama as offering a different kind of campaign will almost certainly have to stop, though they may still try to blame Sen. McCain for the change in tone. Nonetheless, one might question whether the selection will really make the hoped for difference outside New Jersey, which the Democrats would win anyway. Nearby Pennsylvania will be more likely to keep its eye on the top of the ticket, not the bottom.

Choosing Evan Bayh would have brought a traditionally Republican state into play for the Democrats. Senator Biden brings a long track record of being wrong on most issues. As Senator Obama only has a short track record of being wrong, the ticket stands enhanced.


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