Saturday, August 30, 2008

Evaluating Palin's Experience: Just a Quick Take

It is certainly understandable that many pundits are discounting Sarah Palin's experience, though it is a bit odd to hear supporters of Barack Obama doing so.

While it is understandable, it is also misguided. Experience is evaluated not merely by the amount of time spent doing something, but also by what someone did with the time that they had. Ms. Palin is both the first female governor and also the youngest governor in the history of her state. Those facts alone are impressive. She has an 80% approval rating as governor. And, she has gained that approval rating while taking on the corruption of the political establishment -- including the political establishment of her own party.

In light of what she has accomplished in a short period of time, it is astounding to hear some on the left, including women on the left, dismiss her as nothing more than a beauty queen. There is no doubt that she is attractive, but her brief career shows her to be a principled politician of great courage. Those who imagine they can dismiss her as anything less may very well come to regret it.


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