Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wasting away Democrats

In a statement that appears on the Tennessee Democratic Party's website, a member of that organization's executive committee admits that he is so irresponsible and stupid that he made blatantly offensive and negative comments solely on the basis of information received from a single source that he considers biased and unreliable.

That's not quite the way that he said it.

Prior to reading this statement, one might have felt a certain kind of sympathy for Fred Hobbs. The prominent Tennessee Democrat had previously commented that he was concerned that Barack Obama "may be terrorist-connected." The comments not only were not in the interest of his party, but they are considered both misleading and disreputable by most people. Mr. Hobbs quickly found himself the subject of severe criticism.

Had Mr. Hobbs simply apologized and crawled back under the rock he came out from, that would be fine. Instead, he has engaged in a desperate attempt to curry favor with his party by taking an unsubtle, clumsy and ham handed cheap shot at a target generally despised by Democrats. He wrote, "My comments did reflect questions I had after what I had seen reported on Fox News...."

When Mr. Hobbs first made his remarks about Sen. Obama, a press release from the state Democratic Party somehow attempted to blame Republicans for a comment by a member of the Tennessee Democratic Party's executive board. Now, they make an equally silly effort to blame Fox News.

Perhaps before issuing any more statements or press releases, Tennessee Democrats should listen to a little Jimmy Buffett. In Margaritaville, they might figure out where to cast the blame.


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