Saturday, June 14, 2008

Valuing Substance over Style

Rod Dreher explains why he won't vote for Barack Obama, even though there is much to like about the Senator from Illinois -- and much to dislike about his Republican opponent:

Obama sounds a lot more reasonable than most Democrats because he has a way of treating his opponents with respect, and treating their arguments as something he disagrees with, but not evidence of their intrinsic evil. This is good.

But in the end, Obama always takes the standard liberal position in his voting. That's fine if you're a standard liberal, but it does indicate that his post-partisanship is a matter of style, not substance....

I think the "Obamacons" are fooling themselves. I don't blame them one bit for liking Obama, and for being sick of the Republicans. I join them in both. But as someone who will either vote McCain through gritted teeth, or vote third party, I don't know how a principled conservative casts a vote for a candidate whose positions are as liberal as Barack Obama's.

That is pretty close to my own position. However, I can say with certainty that I will not vote for a third party.


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