Friday, May 23, 2008

Which of These Names Just Doesn't Belong Here?

Golda Meir
Indira Ghandi
Margaret Thatcher
Hillary Clinton

Regarding three of these, Peggy Noonan writes:

Great women, all different, but great in terms of size, of impact on the world and of struggles overcome. Struggle was not something they read about in a book. They did not use guilt to win election -- it comes up zero if you Google "Thatcher" and "You're just picking on me because I'm a woman." Instead they used the appeals men used: stronger leadership, better ideas, a superior philosophy.

The one to whom the above paragraph does not apply is the one whose supporters have lately been crying misogyny to explain away failure.

Nor does it apply to the one who seems to have said that she is hanging around the campaign for the same reason that a nephew hangs around a rich uncle with a heart condition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary has shown time and time again that her judgment is poor, i.e., her mismanaged campaign, her mismanaged husband, her mismanaged staff, her miscalculations, her misspeaks continually ………….

Let go and let the party come together as a united front. The forces that have driven this country apart for the past eight years must be stopped & swept from the White House ... it's time to step down and encourage your supporters to support the Democratic party. We NEED to win the Whitehouse back. Our country can't take another 4 years of Bush which is what we'll get with McSame.

When will this end. Enough already, Hillary. ENOUGH!!!!

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary has become delusional. Rather pathetic.

Her inference here is obvious. If you believe her explanation then you must have a Hillary fetish. She has shown time & again that she will do or say anything ("dodging sniper fire") to win, even if it results in damaging her party and even her husband's legacy as President. She has put on display the very judgement that she claims comes from her vast "experience".

My new fear is that she will tie up Obama's nomination by challenging the Michigan and Florida delegation situation in court. I'm afraid her only victory out of all of this will belong to McCain (speaking of delusional).

Ms. Clinton's only concern is Ms. Clinton. The Democratic Party needs to stop this woman before the damage she does is beyond repair.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The name that really doesn't belong in this grouped comparison, is that of Peggy Noonan; a vastly overrated, former Republican speach-writer, who has,apparently, outlived her ability in that capacity. Is she trying to worm her way back into the Republican fold, now that she has been replaced by others,it would seem, that are more competent?
I remember her "brain-dead, deaf and mentally dumb performance on the msnbc, Morning joe Show, where she took an AP news article that commented on Hillary Clinton's ability to attract the white, working class voter base, (the group that Obama can't} and turned it around into a volatile, vicious racist statement made deliberately by Sen. Clinton! (Which it wasn't.) A calculated attempt at mis-information. Such reprehensible tactics!
What is really behind this irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton? Is it really just an effort to sway the easily led and bambozzeled average voter to support another candidate, or could it be envy? The reality of the economy is more important to focus on finding solutions, than the more focused attempt at character assanination! An effort at, "If she won't drop out, we'll knock her out!" (any way we can).
Will the MEDIA please bury Peggy Noonan back into the mire from which she crawled? There are more important issues at stake!!! The last time the American Voter got carried away voting for "CHANGE" in Washington, they voted in Jimmy Carter, and the disaster that went along with 17% interest rates!!!
While speech-making can apparantly be impressive and persuasive, the real question is can the candidate make sound decisions in a crisis? (or are they thin skinned to criticism or opposition) Just voting "NO" to oppose the war in Iraq doesn't cut it.
Yankeedoodle in Virginia Beach

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs Clinton's remarks were despicable and offensive. Her further lack of a public apology to Senator Obama and his family further shows her arrogance. She and her staff have not been truthful with voters, she has tried to divide the country by race and gender. Now this. It showed her true sentiments. She does not have the personal integrity to run for the office of President, or any public office. Today she is in Puerto Rico as if this had not happened. I would have hoped that the delegates and super delegates would have come out and shut this down. By not coming out and shutting this down the DNC now shows their lack of integrity by not shutting this down. Our country has a new earmark of shame the world is watching. Shame on her and shame on the DNC.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to respond to this previous blog. That it is such a violent reaction to an event the reader simply doesn't get, is hilariously funny and pathetically sad. Personally, I think it's a paid Republican troublemaker, because they are afraid if they run against Hillary, they will lose.
I know of registered Republicans who changed their affiliation to Democrat to vote in the Penn. primary so they could vote for Obama; the next day they switched back again to Republican. The North Carolina primary is open to everyone in any party, so a Republican can vote for a Democrat, usually the one they don't like. (if you remember the Republicans had already chosen McCain)
The lack of reality and reading comprehension on the part of the blogger is sad. Is this an example of the failure of our educational system, or the ability of the MEDIA to exaggerate facts in such a way, as to brain wash the average voter? If so, the result of the November election will be scary indeed.
What do you really know of Obama,other than what you see and what he wants you to hear? First, what you see is genetically 50% white and 50%negro. What you hear is 95% culturally and sociologically, white. He was raised by a white mother, and white grandparents. Maybe that's why it took him 20 yrs.listening to Rev. Wright's sermons, so he could learn to identify with the African American Experience on the mainland (Kansas is not the "inner city" and is not heavily populated with blacks).
His mother, "was a single parent living on food stamps". She saved enough money somehow,( after paying her own College tuition, books, fees, room and board long enough to earn a PhD.) to pay Obamas tuition at a private high school on the island of Hawaii. He was the only black in his class.
His father was a "black goatherder from Kenya." Of coarse that was back in the late 50's and early 60's. I didn't know goatherding paid that well in Kenya; to afford a trip to Hawaii plus college tuition etc., etc., etc., His mother and father met at the Univ. of Hawaii, where they were both taking classes in Russian. It was at this point in time, that the Russians were also sending their engineers to Cuba where they were also sending their missels. Do you remember the Cuban Missel Crisis?
His father returned to Kenya when Obama was 2yrs.old. In those days a wife followed her husband wherever he went with his career. Why did she not go with him? In todays society and culture we do things differently. We take a short marriage like that for granted and think nothing of it. However, there are more questiones that have never been answered, i.e. where are his grand parents that raised him, and why hasn't he shown enough respect to bring them into the public view?
While there are those that seem to hate Hillary Clinton so much; and would bring her Presidental campaign to a standstill, " that it is better the devil you know, than the devil you don't know."
Do we really know that much about Obama, or just enough of what he wants us to know. What is fact, how much is fiction? How much do you trust?

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to reassure Anonymous who has fears that the Clintons can tie up the nomination in court. As the Nevada precedent shows, such fears are groundless. The court has already ruled that the Democratic Party is a private organization that has the right to run it's process for selecting its nominee by any rules that it sees fit. If Hillary wants to waste her money bringing this issue before a judge yet again, it will be thrown out just as quickly as it was in Nevada.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To have Hillary Clinton's name grouped with great women would be an insult to them. There is one blogger here who apparently with all the education he or she infers he has, obviously history was not one subjects he might have excelled in. The inference that Mrs Clinton made in her latest remark of 5/23, was offensive and not one a public figure running for office of the President should make. The assignations of great people in our history dictates that the mention of this and relating it in any way with a candidate is not only offensive it shows a candidate who will stop at nothing to win the nomination. Mrs Clinton has used gender and race and has been disingenuous in her campaign. Mrs Clinton lacks personal integrity and that is why her name doesn't belong with these great women. I do not work for any campaign.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Lanette said...

This is something I read on a message board and asked for permission to re-post here because I find it hillarious, particularly the part about the horror movie:

Do you really think that comment is going to do her that much political damage? Compared to some of the other things the Clintons have said and done, I didn't think it was that big of a deal, unless you happen to buy into the idea of it being a threat. While I do believe that is possible, if something were to happen to Obama, Hillary would suddenly be the nominee. Those who are counting her out may be dissapointed because even though everything we see and hear tells us that Obama has this thing wrapped up, I still am not convinced. It is like watching a horror movie, and every time you think the villain has been destroyed, he comes back to life again. That is how I view Hillary Clinton. She is like the Michael Myers of politics.

10:40 AM  
Blogger MCO said...

Lanette, I disagree in part. I have never shared the common view held by many on both left and right that the Clintons have this almost mystical power to win. I am always surprised by the attitude approaching fear that many have regarding the Clintons supposed power.

Democrats regard the Clintons as special because Bill is the only member of that party to win 2 presidential election campaigns since FDR. Republicans are simply befuddled that he could have won at all, so they figure he must have this amazing, inscrutable ability to organize, charm, overwhelm, or whatever. However, it is easy to forget that Mr. Clinton never won as much as 45% of the vote in a general election. He was abetted by Ross Perot and a pair of exceptionally weak Republican opponents.

That is not too say that Mr. Clinton does not have considerable political skills -- he does, though his wife has a political tin ear. However, those skills have always been offset by considerable deficits. Indeed, if not for the skills, the deficits would have completely overwhelmed him, and they have overwhelmed her.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Lanette said...

It was supposed to have been funny, just like your satyrical rhetoric in some of your other posts. I don't believe Hillary is Michael Myers or have any special powers, but I found someone else's comparison to the horror movie iconic bad guy to be quite entertaining. I hope you enjoy the laugh.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She meant no ill by it. I honestly believe that, because if something did happen to Obama now... she would get no votes.

She's tired, exhausted and is loosing unless a miracle happens.

The context was inexcusable, and I know she jumped on Obama for appearing to be an "elitist" but if He can pass on this extremely easy, it wouldn't even be a low blow, shot, so can we all.

2:01 AM  

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