Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Indiana Franchise

John Fund provides some information I had not read before about the nuns in South Bend that didn't get to vote earlier this week. They evidently were told they would need an ID, but refused to get one.

It seems that, at the very least, they have a stubborn streak. I wonder if they ever whacked a student across the hands with a ruler for that?

Meanwhile, Mr. Fund gives another example of a supposedly disenfranchised voter and asks a valid question:

One voter in Indiana had a valid drivers license but insisted on showing an invalid federal ID anyway so he could be "denied" the right to cast a ballot and thus ''make a point."

Now that the Supreme Court has resolved this matter, wouldn't it make sense for everyone to work together to get an ID into the hands of those who need them?

Of course, that's much too practical. There are no points to be scored off of simply helping people to vote.


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