Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fully Informed Voters

Talk radio personality and Dallas Morning News columnist Mark Davis writes that the recent saga of Carrollton mayor Becky Miller confirms his opposition to early voting. Ms. Miller lost her re-election bid after news emerged a few days before the election that she had apparently made numerous untruthful claims regarding her personal history. Referring to the fact that many voters had cast their ballots before this was known, Mr. Davis writes:

I do not know whether Ms. Miller had concocted details ranging from the mundane (the university she attended, which has no record of her) to the heart-rending (the "brother" who died in Vietnam who became a close family friend in the revised story) to the wildly dubious (singing backup for Linda Ronstadt and dating the Eagles' Don Henley, neither of whom recall her).

But I do know that voters deserved to evaluate the gaping holes in her story. The only voters who cast a fully informed vote were those who resisted the crack pipe of early voting.

Mr. Davis differentiates early voting, which is done solely for the purpose of convenience and which he opposes, from absentee voting, which is the only recourse for those who know they will be away from their communities on election day.


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