Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Fat Lady Inches One Step Closer to the Microphone

In reality, we have known for several weeks that it was a mathematical and political impossibility for Hillary Clinton to overtake Barack Obama in the Democratic race. Realistically, her only function has been to diminish the prospective nominee.

That is even more true following yesterday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina. While the two candidates split victories in these two states, Sen. Obama did better than expected in both. Arguably, Sen. Obama would have won Indiana if not for the efforts of Rush Limbaugh to interfere with the Democratic campaign by urging his listeners to vote for Sen. Clinton. Regardless of that, the fact that she failed to meet expectations in the wake of favorable circumstances created by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright mess amounts to a stunning repudiation of her candidacy.


Blogger petpac said...

I think we need to drag her out kicking and screaming.

1:35 PM  

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