Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Divided Personality

At the end of his post, Rob Huddleston claims, a bit pretentiously, that his refusal to consider voting for the Republican nominee for President comes from his learning at the feet of "Kuyper, Burke, Chesterton, Buckley, Nash, and Reagan." One only wonders that he didn't add Jesus. He doesn't seem to have noticed that many, if not all, of those he mentions understood that conservatism takes note of what is do-able in the real world. In other words, their conservatism tended not to remain in a pristine vacuum. Pristine purity has been more characteristic of the Utopian left.

To the contrary, Mr. Huddleston, in this post and otherwise, has always struck me as one who combines mostly conservative political views with the temperament of a Utopian.

Hat Tip: Abramson


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