Saturday, May 31, 2008

Conditional Contriteness

There seems to be an epidemic of people lately who feel the need to apologize "if they offended ... anyone."

I guess making a conditional apology over other people's reactions is easier than apologizing for being nuts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it aweful? You know someone through the friends they keep. And this is the friends Obama keeps. Resigning now does not matter. He is going to loose this election and it will not be Hillary or anyones fault but his own and the superdelegates if he is the nominee. If you sit there year after year for 20 years and listen to these rhetoric and you said, “this does not affect me and it is not what I believe in”, then you must really think, we Americans are really stupid and foolish. Looking at these so call priests of Trinity Church, one wonders, if this is a church or they are really out to get this country at all cost. No, you cannot pull blinders over our eyes and say, "it is not my ideology, I do not believe in it" while you have attended the church for 20 years. Are you telling us this kind of preaching just started? Lets put it in perspective. If superdelegates have any notion of how this is damaging and they want to win, they better nominate Hillary. This Obama person is a "JOKE". HE AND HIS SO CALL SPIRITUAL ADVISORS ARE MAKING A FOOL OUT OF US AND WE WILL NOT HAVE IT. THIS GUY DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE, DO NOT LOVE THIS COUNTRY, HE IS A MUSLIM, AND FULL OF HATE AND WE BELIEVE THIS COUNTRY CANNOT AFFORD SUCH A "MISTAKE".

10:39 AM  
Blogger MCO said...

While some of Mr. Obama's friends are disturbing to me, I must say that some of his opponents bother me just as much.

11:22 AM  

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