Friday, April 18, 2008

The Selection Scenario

Satirist Scott Ott helpfully concocts a couple of potential press releases through which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could explain their respective campaigns willingness to consider the other as a vice presidential running mate:

The ‘Clinton for President’ campaign released the following statement: “Sen. Clinton would certainly have to give serious consideration to choosing an elitist, anti-God, anti-gun vice president with virtually no experience and a demonstrated propensity for attracting people who hate America, like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Weather Underground member William Ayers and, of course, Michelle Obama. After all, he represents a significant constituency within the Democrat party.”

Likewise, the ‘Obama for President’ movement said Mrs. Clinton is on his short list of VP candidates.

“Sen. Obama realizes he can’t be all things to all people,” according to a news release from the campaign, “For example, some Democrats might be reluctant to support an inspiring, intelligent, honest and attractive candidate with powerful speaking ability. For those voters, Hillary Clinton will bring balance to the ticket.”


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