Friday, April 18, 2008

Not Doing Their Jobs

I did not watch the debate the other night between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but if the various accounts provided by both traditional media outlets and bloggers are accurate, the forum focused almost entirely on personal issues about the candidates raised in recent weeks -- Sen. Clinton's dissimulations regarding Bosnian snipers; Sen. Obama's disrespecting of small town voters, etc.

This represents a dereliction of duty by ABC News.

Do these issues merit questioning? Of course, as to some degree or another they get to the character or viewpoints of the respective candidates. However, to focus almost exclusively on those types of issues while giving miniscule amounts of time to questions regarding policy issues that the candidates will address if elected shows an inability to distinguish and emphasize what is important.

Of course, in our market driven and celebrity obsessed mass media news culture, one fears that those now in charge are not capable of doing any better.


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