Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hillary Hoover?

For almost 3/4's of a century, Democrats have loved to use the name of Herbert Hoover as an example of supposedly do-nothing Republican economic policies. Today's group are no exception. Never mind that those Democrats don't actually seem to know anything about Mr. Hoover other than his name and the period of time when he was President.

As the Wall Street Journal points out, Mr. Hoover was actually an economic tinkerer not unlike one of the candidates now running -- Hillary Clinton.

For that matter, when Franklin Roosevelt took office, he did not change Mr. Hoover's policies as much as he accelerated them. The result with regard to the Depression was the same as what Mr. Hoover had achieved -- he prolonged it. Neither Mr. Hoover nor Mr. Roosevelt could get the economy out of the Great Depression. Ultimately, World War II ended it.


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I've been working on a draft of this same idea--even the same title--but since you said it, I'll link over here.

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