Monday, April 07, 2008

From Ashes to Ashes

The number of cremations in Kentucky has increased by 80% since 2003, the Courier Journal reports. This follows a national trend.

In part, people are opting for cremation purely for economic reasons: it is less expensive than traditional burial. However, the changing practice also reflects a decrease in the influence of Christianity on the personal choices of individuals. The implications of Christian belief are less widely understood across the culture than at past points in American history, and they are rarely taught even in many churches.

This does not imply that traditional burial is mandatory for Christians. Certainly, a faithful, practicing Christian can choose to be cremated. An omnipotent God can gather scattered ashes and reconstitute them at the time of the resurrection. However, traditional burial has for millenia reflected the values of those who believe in a resurrection of the body.


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