Monday, April 21, 2008

Democratic Intolerance?

The Dallas Morning News reports that black supporters supporting Hillary Clinton are feeling threatened and are otherwise facing harassment from fellow Democrats. Some female voters siding with Barack Obama are feeling the same type of pressure, though the article says that this is happening "to a lesser degree."

The report even cites the example of one Clinton supporter who left a caucus early out of fear for his safety:

"I felt like if I stood up and said I was for Hillary, there was no telling what would have happened," Mr. Elam said. "I went home early and watched the results on television."

There are a number of ways one might view these anecdotal allegations. Here are a few of the possibilities:

  • Democratic intolerance of those who don't fall into line is really this great. Black conservatives have been forced to endure this for years.
  • The story is overstated and is just another example of the willingness of Democrats to think of themselves as victims.
  • This is the natural result of the kind of identity politics that Democrats have practiced for years. For decades, Democrats have trumpeted the notion that race and gender are determinative of how people will -- or should -- think.
  • The report results from a meme being floated by Clinton supporters attempting to garner sympathy for the candidate. There is no shortage of that lately. A puff piece in yesterday's paper told readers that campaigning with daughter Chelsea had enabled Sen. Clinton to reveal her "warm and caring" side to voters.

None of the possibilities are terribly attractive for Democrats. I will let the reader decide which is (are) the most likely.


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