Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Blatant Hypocrisy"

The endlessly shameless Hillary Clinton, with a straight face, claimed yesterday that complaints from Barack Obama's campaign regarding the questioning of the candidates in their recent debate prove that Sen. Obama is not ready to handle the pressure of the presidency.

Perhaps Sen. Clinton should be reminded of a little history.

Six months ago, the junior Senator from New York was questioned in a debate about her position regarding a proposal by the Governor of New York to provide driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Following the debate, her campaign engaged in all kinds of rhetoric in essence accusing the moderator and the other candidates of ganging up on the girl. I wrote at the time about the unseemliness of a professional woman playing the victim in this way.

So much for being able to handle the pressure.

Ms. Clinton, after quoting from Harry Truman, added yesterday, "I am very comfortable in the kitchen." That is a good thing. In a couple of months, she should have a lot of time available for baking cookies.


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