Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bayh for VP?

U.S. Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN), a declared supporter of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential nomination contest, has a significant interest in the outcome of the Pennsylvania primary being held today, according to The Hill. A substantial Clinton victory in the Keystone State would heighten the importance of the Indiana primary still upcoming, and Sen. Bayh has been rumored to be a potential VP candidate for the former First Lady.

That may be, but one should not dismiss Sen. Bayh's potential place on the ticket just because it appears that Barack Obama will win the nomination. That he has supported Sen. Clinton will become irrelevant as Sen. Obama evaluates who would add the most to his hopes for winning. In contrast to the more liberal Obama, Sen. Bayh is a moderate Democrat who has been able to win statewide election as governor and as U.S. Senator in a traditionally Republican state. He also has executive department and foreign policy experience, which Sen. Obama lack. While Sen. Bayh has been accused of being charisma-challenged, that might not be such a detriment on a ticket on which Sen. Obama will clearly be the rock star. That both candidates would appear young and vigorous creates a sharp contrast with the aging John McCain.

The Oracle has no inside sources on this one, but it would not be surprising if Sen. Bayh emerges as a finalist in Barack Obama's search.


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