Monday, March 10, 2008

Will We Compare Ourselves to Churchill Next?

In a newspaper guest column that leaves one speechless, Tennessee state representative Stacey Campfield, who has on occasion made national news by his guileless approach to politics, not to mention his semi-literate elocution, manages to compare himself to one of the most brilliant and successful politicians in the history of the English speaking world.

William Wilberforce's crowning achievement as a member of parliament was the ending of the British slave trade. Although The Oracle is not sure what would be Rep. Campfield's crowning achievement, one would suspect it is something a bit less than that.

Sadly, Rep. Campfield finds inspiration in the wonderful movie based on Mr. Wilberforce's life, Amazing Grace. He fails to note the sharp differences between Mr. Wilberforce's skillful approach to politics and his own flame throwing.

Hat Tip: Volunteer Voters


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