Monday, March 03, 2008

Will Mother Nature Revive the Clinton Campaign?

As Lone Star State voters prepare to go to the polls for their first meaningful presidential primary in a generation, north Texas is freezing over. By 7:00 pm this evening, it was sleeting in north Dallas, and at present a steady snow is falling outside The Oracle's humble abode.

While the snowy weather should clear out by tomorrow morning, it does raise questions about whether any lingering ice and snow will suppress voter turnout in the northern part of the state, where Barack Obama is hoping to pick up a clear majority in order to offset the expected advantage of Hillary Clinton in the more heavily Hispanic southern region.

Voters are already feeling snowed under by all of the commercials. The Oracle rarely watches television, so those cannot be commented on. However, in just over an hour in the car over the weekend, a series of commercials by both candidates were heard repeatedly. Sen. Obama is running an ad featuring a veteran explaining that he is the only candidate that has consistently opposed the war. Sen. Clinton is running with the theme that even though she doesn't inspire anyone, she knows how to get things done. Emily's List is also doing heavy buys in this market, with an ad featuring two Hispanic and one white voices, one of whom identifies themselves as a "reverend," explaining that she will make the economy better, make college cheaper, and generally bring about utopia.

One more day, and it will be mercifully over.


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