Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spinning out of Desperation

Immediately following Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton, based largely on an enormous advantage in the votes of Hispanics and elderly white women, held a double digit lead over Barrack Obama in Texas. She also held a substantial lead in Ohio.

Yesterday, Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson explained that "Senator Obama has every advantage going into Texas and Ohio and declared that if Sen. Obama does not win ALL FOUR elections (Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont) on Tuesday, it will say "something profound about Democratic unease." The comments were made on a conference call with reporters, so no one can be certain whether Mr. Wolfson managed to maintain a straight face. However, Christy Hoppe of the Dallas Morning News reported that Mr. Wolfson further explained that the failure to win all four races would suggest "buyer's remorse" on the part of Democratic voters.

Those statements can only be described as a desperate attempt to ward off calls for Sen. Clinton to suspend her campaign after Tuesday and to convince previously committed superdelegates that there remains some rationale for them to remain in her camp.

Perhaps next the Clinton campaign will float the idea that Sen. Obama must win every precinct for it to be a real victory?


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