Friday, March 07, 2008

Democrat Rules

With the Democratic Party having enough trouble determining who its nominee for President will be, the Dallas Morning News points out that no one will really know the final outcome of Texas' complicated primary and caucus system until June. While Hillary Clinton's thin popular vote victory yields her a four delegate advantage among delegates allocated by the primary, the final outcome of the caucuses, which choose a total of 67 delegates, will not be determined until June, when the county party conventions are held. According to the DMN's report:

"It is important to remember that what happened Tuesday night was the first step in a three-step process," said Hector Nieto, spokesman for the Texas Democratic Party. "The final allocation of the 67 delegates that the presidential candidates are vying for won't be determined" until the party's state convention in June.

Reasons for the delays in knowing the winner: while many of the caucuses have submitted their results, reporting is purely voluntary. In addition, if delegates do not actually show up for the county conventions in June, their votes will not count.

As of this writing, it is being widely reported that Barack Obama's victories at the caucuses will give him an overall 3 delegate victory in the state, but stay tuned.


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