Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why the Hostility?

The anti-McCain hysteria on the right wing of the Republican Party continues to astound The Oracle, who is generally regarded as quite conservative. Of course, Sen. McCain, while voting with conservatives on most issues, has deviated on others and has at times used rhetoric hostile to various conservative constituencies. But, really.... In 1988, conservatives didn't use this kind of rhetoric to oppose George H.W. Bush, a liberal Republican straight out of the eastern establishment who dismissed Reaganism as "voodoo economics." Nor did they so stridently oppose Bob Dole, an establishment Republican who also supported tax increases and rejected the supply side economic views of Jack Kemp. Somehow, the same radio talk gurus who talk about Sen. McCain as though he is the devil incarnate managed to throw their relatively unconditional support to Messrs. Bush and Dole.

Meanwhile, it is pretended that there is a clear cut conservative choice between Gov. Romney and Sen. McCain, in spite of the fact that the former has changed sides on more issues, both social and economic, than The Oracle can count.

Don't misunderstand. Your humble correspondent intended at the outset to vote for Fred Thompson and at this point would prefer Mr. Romney to Mr. McCain. However, the personal animus being expressed toward Mr. McCain is completely disproportionate to reality.


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