Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Republicans Like Obama?

Peter Wehner describes Barack Obama as a candidate who has gained favorable reviews from Republicans and Democrats alike who see him as a fresh and novel candidate based largely on his eloquence and dignified bearing, but who beneath the veneer has campaigned essentially as a conventional liberal. Wehner notes that such a campaign will not ultimately win over Republicans and many independents in the general election.

That is true, but it is still too early to judge Sen. Obama on that basis. Should he win the Democratic nomination, surely he will find some issues with which he can appeal to the center in the general election.

My own feelings about the Democratic race have crystalized over the last couple of weeks. Sen. Clinton, both as a candidate and a President, can be expected to be both predictable and mediocre. She simply lacks the creativity and political skills to excel as President. One suspects that Sen. Obama will be either very good or very bad in both roles. If very good, he poses a much greater threat to the Republican Party.

Hat Tip: Kristin Chapman


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